Canadian medical marijuana strains

Indica or Sativa

Getting to know all the basics and terminology of medical marijuana in Canada is the first step in taking advantage of these natural health benefits. There are two groups of marijuana plants, and you should get to know the difference between indica and sativa weed.

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medical marijuana for anxiety in Canada

Medical Marijuana and Anxiety

Using medical marijuana for anxiety is very common, and many people use it whether they have a prescription or not. Marijuana is well-known to be relaxing and to reduce stress, so it seems a perfect match as a treatment for anxiety. Is it that simple though?

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CBD and medical marijuana in Canada

What is CBD?

In the world of medical marijuana, CBD is often part of the discussion. If you are new to researching the health benefits of marijuana, you should understand the nature of CBD and that it’s not just another term for marijuana.¬†What is CBD?

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medical marijuana in canada

Canada Approves Cannabis Act

There was a vote today in the Senate that passed 52 to 29, in favor of passing the Cannabis Act (also known as Bill C-45). It does need to get royal assent before becoming an active law though. So what does this even mean? We’ve had legal medical marijuana in Canada for some time, requiring a prescription to have access. What is the Cannabis Act?

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