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Canada Approves Cannabis Act

There was a vote today in the Senate that passed 52 to 29, in favor of passing the Cannabis Act (also known as Bill C-45). It does need to get royal assent before becoming an active law though.

The measure had previously been delayed over debate on banning the home growing of marijuana. Quebec, Nunavut and Manitoba all wanted the provincial right to ban home growing. That restriction was defeated but they compromised by allowing provinces to put limits on how many marijuana plants can be grown at home. An outright ban is not allowed.

What is the Cannabis Act?

So what does this even mean? We’ve had legal medical marijuana in Canada for some time, requiring a prescription to have access. The Cannabis Act, first proposed in April of 2017, is about decriminalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. Basically, it means weed is legal (within restrictions and limits).

The official government page for the Cannabis Act has all the red-tape details. I shall summarize to give you the basic idea.

Once in place, people will be allowed to:

  • possess up to 30g of marijuana or equivalent in public
  • no limits to personal possession at home
  • purchase any form of marijuana or cannabis (dried, fresh, oil, plants, seeds) from a regulated retailer
  • share up to 30g with other adults
  • cultivate or grow up to 4 plants of your own at home
  • create your own cannabis products (edibles)
  • purchase and possession is prohibited for anyone under the age of 18
  • the current medical marijuana system will remain in place for people with health-based prescriptions

To be clear, I am basing these summaries on the official web page data of the original Cannabis Act. Since it was only passed today, I may have missed any last-minute amendments or changes. I’ll update if necessary.

Don’t make plans to go out marijuana shopping in the near future. Though the legislation has passed, it will take several weeks to a couple of months to actually be put in practice.

While our focus here at the Canadian Guide to Medical Marijuana is the health benefits of marijuana and CBD for medical treatments, it’s always good to stay on top of current news and events on the recreational side of use.

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