Canadian medical marijuana strains

Indica or Sativa

Getting to know all the basics and terminology of medical marijuana in Canada is the first step in taking advantage of these natural health benefits. Did you know that there are different kinds of marijuana, usually referred to as strains. There are hundreds (thousands?) of different strains, usually with very funky names like pineapple skunk, champagne kush, girl scout cookies and grand daddy purple.

But within all of this variety, there are 2 fundamental groups of marijuana: indica and sativa. In a botanically sense, these are truly 2 different species of the Cannabis genus of plants. These days, there have been so many hybrids developed, that a lot of weed out there isn’t really one or the other anymore but the general classification is still in use. Here are the basic differences between indica and sativa, in terms of using medical marijuana.


This species of marijuana comes from the Middle East, and the short bushy plants are the best choice for indoor growing. Strain names with “kush” are likely to be indica, for the Hindu Kush area that the plants come from.

The effects of indica strains are very relaxing, and the best ones for getting a full-body high when you want to just crash on the couch. It’s very good for helping you sleep too. Depending on the specific strain, many indicas have a sweet or fruity taste.


Sativa plants can’t reasonably be grown indoors because they are huge, and can reach 20 feet in height. Obviously, that also means you can get a much larger yield if you are growing sativa, twice as much or more (per plant) compared to indica. The leaves noticeable thinner too.

Native to Cental America and Southeast Asia, sativa strains are named with “haze” though it’s not a set-in-stone rule. The high is considered a “head high” with more energy and a mental buzz. Sativa is a good choice for mood disorders or depression, and most strains have a distinctive earthy flavor.

That’s just a quick introduction, and it shouldn’t be considered a perfect assessment. Not all indica or sativa marijuana has precisely the same effects, and there are a large number of hybrids between the two out there as well. Consider these just a loose guide to the terms.

Now, if you are looking for the right strains of medical marijuana for the health benefits and not the high, it’s not really a matter of indica vs sativa. What you need to be looking for is a high CBD and low THC strain. In the Canadian medical marijuana industry, there are plenty of options for either variety.

Canadian Guide to Medical Marijuana is for information and research only, and should not be considered professional medical or legal advice.