Ways to Take Medical Marijuana

The word “take” isn’t quite right, but it gets my point across well enough. Since you can consume marijuana for health reasons in a number of varied forms, it isn’t that simple to describe. Here are the main 4 ways to have cannabis in your life:


This is the classic format and the one that most people think of when it comes to marijuana. Dried plant material (buds, mostly) is burned, and you inhale the smoke. Wrapped in rolling paper, you have a joint or you can filter your smoke through water with a bong.

Smoking is common but does make your toking very obvious due to the appearance and aroma. This can be a big reason why people are turned off of the use of marijuana for health reasons. If you really don’t want to sit around smoking, keep reading for some less obvious options.


Known as “edibles”, food with marijuana is getting a lot of popularity and many pot shops sell edibles along with the more traditional weed products.

A big benefit to edibles is that you can be very discrete when having one, and there is none of the risks that come with smoke inhalation. You just need to be extra careful with sweet edibles in the house if you have children around. A pot brownie or CBD gummy candies can be very tempting to a kid (or an unsuspecting adult).


You probably already know that vaping is one of the hottest new trends these days, and not just for marijuana use.

Vaping is a very flexible option, and you can get vape models that use CBD and/or THC oils, as well as those that use wax dabs or even just the usual dried herb. Depending on which product you choose, this can be a little better for your lungs than regular smoking. Vape juice (with or without cannabis content) comes in a staggering number of interesting flavors, so you can have a lot of fun trying new tastes. Imagine easing your chronic anxiety with a few puffs of strawberry shortcake or banana bread.


This option comes as a surprise to most people. Many of the compounds in medical marijuana can be absorbed through the skin, and you can get a number of lotions, balms and creams that have been infused with cannabis extracts (CBD, THC, etc). Not only are these items a way to get the healthy benefits of marijuana, they are actually great for your skin due to the properties of hemp oil.

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, you’re going to see a lot more choices in the cannabis product field. Feel free to experiment a little bit and see which product you feel the most comfortable with.

Canadian Guide to Medical Marijuana is for information and research only, and should not be considered professional medical or legal advice.